So are we just gonna not talk about this picture of Kdin?


So are we just gonna not talk about this picture of Kdin?


these two crack me up

"In this video, Adam & Joel *TTZZZTTT* OW GET THAT THE FUCK OFF ME—"

How to: Taze (x)

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"Oh yeah, the nip."

"Oh yeah, the nip."

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I’ve isolated the lovely piano-violin duet in episode one that could easily be argued to be Roman’s theme (seeing as how the same melody occurs in each encounter with him). It’s just after the narration, when we first get a glimpse of Roman as he’s walking down the terrorized streets of Downtown Vale.

As it’s part of the score, it technically doesn’t have a name. I took the liberty of calling it “Roman Candle.”

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Requests are off just now - They might open up later

Requested by charismaticmercenary ~ Felix Icons

I can only apologise about how long it took me to make these, but I do hope you like them. Anyone can use them as an icon, but please credit me if you can.

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blackblood said: What I don't get is that you're running this blog, and you're telling your followers that in order to live, and hence to continue this blog, you need donations, and you're willing to do commissions to get them. You're asking your followers, who supposedly enjoy your content, for help to continue giving them content. But instead of understanding all that, people are giving you shit for it. It's stupid for your followers to be dicks when they're the ones consuming your content.

faultygear submitted to: watching the people try to talk shit to you is pretty funny

I know, right?

submitted to: watching the people try to talk shit to you is pretty funny

I know, right?

Anonymous said: jesus, you're a ray of sunshine, aren't you. i was being nice. i understand you need donations, i also understand why people would be mad about you having donations on a page that is "supposedly" roosterteeth content only. i'm couldn't care less either way, but i can understand why people are pissed, and understand why you are pissed. thats what i meant.

jesus, you’re a ray of sunshine, aren’t you.

i was being nice.

Claims to be nice, even though thinks the the owner of the blog shouldn’t post certain things on their own blog, and instead of just unfollowing, they send an anonymous ask to said blog owner. But it’s nice because you put “im not going to be rude about it”.

It’s like when people say “I’m not racist” or “I’m all for equal rights, but I’m not a feminist.”

TL;DR: “im not going to be rude about it” does not negate the rude comment. And the fact that you replied with a snarky ask, now makes it rude.

"supposedly" roosterteeth content only

Anyone who’s been following me for more than a few weeks would know I post other things that I think should get attention. And that I post a lot of “donation” and “commission” posts. This one just happens to be mine.

i’m couldn’t care less either way

You obviously do, because you feel the need to comment on something that didn’t need your comment.

understand why you are pissed

You assume a lot of things about me and this blog.

Things that I am/am not

  • I am not pissed by the “pissed” people (who are trolls and not actually pissed). I am amused. If you had been reading any of the asks previous you probably would have realized this.
  • I am very bored right now. Which is why I’m bothering to comment on this.
  • I am amused.
  • I am grateful for all the nice comments in my inbox.

Anonymous said: i agree that you shouldn't ask for donations on this blog, however, i understand you need it, so im not going to be rude about it.

Because saying that something should not be on my blog isn’t being rude??