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steven-is-dead asked:

It was The Creatures that got me interested in RT. Roosterteeth are actually The Creatures inspiration to start a channel going, and some of their individual channels! I'd say they're similar in some ways, but diverse and hilarious too. They have scheduled stream times 3 times of the week (often themed) too and a weekly podcast.


I don’t think I have the attention span to jump into like Achievement Hunter, but I’m enjoying what I’m watching.

I’ll probably just be a casual fan.


Anonymous asked:

How did ray's last relationship end?

I don’t know why Courtney and Ray broke up, because that’s none of my fucking business, but basically…

When Ray was with her, she received a ton of hate for “not being good enough for him”

And when it was announced that they were no longer dating, Courtney still received a ton of hate for “breaking Ray’s heart” or whatever.

Other female friends of Ray were harassed as well, for “Breaking them up”. It was dumb.


RWBY OC …finally



This was a RWBY OC that kinda popped up in a dream. I’m not one to create my own character, but this one was so bad ass in my dream that I figured I’d try my hand at expanding on her.

Name: Grizelda Pine

Age: 29

Height: 5’ 8”

Hair color: Copper red

Eyes: Green

Occupation: Tea shop owner,…


So I got a few too many glasses of wine and I read this and I said “you know what, I’m feeling artsy let’s give this a shot

And I did this:

I hope I did justice to your OC. I apologize because I haven’t sketched in way too long and I’m rusty as balls. I could spend hours obsessing over it but I AM LE TIRED

With that said, bedtime! and hoping for no hangover! yaaaaay!

WHOA! That is incredible! Thank you so much! A very modern looking design for Grizelda. <3  Thank you for taking the time to draw her!


Anonymous asked:

I think in one of Ray's streams Tina talked about her boyfriend... anyway it's none of our business and seeing how ray's last relationship ended, fans should really keep their nose out of his love life.

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