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SailorTweek’s coming to AUSTIN, TX



I, sailortweek will be flying into Austin next week for some business.

Suppi and I came up with the brilliant plan of gathering a metric shit ton of people and heading out for eats and drinks. She’ll be picking me up at the airport around 5:45pm …so I figure maybe all of us meeting at 7:00pm so I can check into my hotel

I have decided on a venue (Thanks be to Radius55 for the suggestions!)

  • WHY: Mary’s coming down to Austin!
  • WHEN: Sunday April 27 at/around 7:00pm (Suppi and I might be there earlier to secure a spot)
  • WHERERed’s Porch - Sounds like yummy food and will accommodate the possibility of a lot of people!
  • WHO Anyone living in Austin and DFW and…you know what? This is open to all RT fans who don’t mind missing Game of Thrones for one night. You’re all invited no matter where the hell you live! IF YOU ARE READING THIS, YOU ARE INVITED.
  • WHAT to bring Be sure to bring money for your food and your arms to give and receive lots of hugs 

Click this link for more information



There now is a Rooster Teeth Skype group for fans from Germany,  Austria and Switzerland (and of course, for anyone else who can speak German). Here we can converse about our favourite internet company and make nearby fandom friends (yay!). If we get enough people we might plan a meet-up!

To join just message me here and include your Skype name!

Wir sehen uns dort :D

A Reminder RE: the RvB LA S12 Kickoff Party This Saturday


I don’t know if we have anyone underage coming (beeeeecause I didn’t ask for age on the RSVP form, whoops), but I want to make sure everyone knows this:

Dave and Busters house rules dictate that nobody under 18 is allowed in without a parent or guardian.

For obvious rules, I can’t be your parent or guardian. If you plan on coming to the party this Saturday and you’re under 18, please get things sorted out with your parent/guardian before coming.

As always, more info on the event can be found here. Look forward to seeing you all on Saturday!

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